Unlike my other projects, I started this project pretty early and took my time on it. However, I do still wish that I could have filmed it on an actual hotel location instead. The theme of this idea is actually something that I wanted to do for my tracking project, which I changed because of my lack of skills on turning a day settings into a night scene. So I am happy that I have learnt and achieved what I couldn’t produce before. This is also the first time I have created a plate before filming, which is really helpful when it comes to instructing people in the greenscreen. I have also learnt a lot about colour-grading by messing around with the scenes to get the right mood that I want.

The only thing that I struggled with was finding a longer plot to this sequence. But eventually I have decided to make it seems like my character has some leaked information of the bad government, which is why there were people breaking into the secret portal place that has been disguised as an ordinary-looking bedroom.

On the other hand, I am happy that I could find a use of my travelling pictures on my matte paintings. Because I had time, I have also managed to get my own recording of my actor, Elliot, shouting “don’t move!” rather than using stock audios like I always did.

In conclusion, I have enjoyed producing this project as I took my time on thinking for each elements. This would help me to keep being motivated for the future projects.