Univeristy Project: MUBI Advert

The competition begins here.

We have been given 10 briefs to choose from and discussed all of them. We were tempted by all of them - mainly the Despardos one but we all agreed that even though it would be an exciting challenge to take, we were convinced that the majority of the class was going to choose it because it’s alcohol, so we all kind of relate in a way. There was also the recreation of Adobe, but we seen past entries and the quality was amazing and as a team of four we are way too restricted by members availability to be able to finish this project on the quality level we would like. Time and our availability was a main thing to consider for us - some of us commute, commitments like societies and social and others have work. In the end we came to a decision to pick the Mubi brief. 
We picked this brief because of it’s creative potential and also it works as junior film creatives within our Rival designers best aspects. We are about to start our research as soon as possible and get the work going and maintain some organisation with our social platforms.