Meatyballs: University Project 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs'

So the basic ideas are there: we are required to 3D track something to a shot which the camera moves in 3D space, therefore placing it into the shot in a realistic way. I wanted to do this outside to be honest, because once I had this idea, I immediately knew what I gonna do, and what I had in mind did not involve greenscreen, which thinking about it i may need to add elements of greenscreen in it just for more work. Due to me not being in my mind set and i want this over and done with because the stress is killing me. I have decided to park the idea for the HUD and pursue the idea of creating the cloudy with a chance of meatballs inspired piece. just sounds like so much more fun, dont you think so?

Responsible for filming plate. Footage was 3D camera tracked in Cinema4D. In this promotional video I was responsible for the 3D modelling, Texturing and lighting within Cinema4D, rotoscoping the body back on top of the 3D pass. And removing shadows from 3d render.