2D Digital Compositing Showreel 2019

2D Digital Compositing Showreel Breakdown Showreel 2018. Current Student of the University of South wales, from the Film, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course. Majoring in 2D compositing and clean up generalising in Adobe after effect and Nuke.

  • University Project: Meatyballs ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ 00:02 – 00:16 Responsible for filming plate. Footage was 3D camera tracked in Cinema4D. In this promotional video I was responsible for the 3D modelling, Texturing and lighting within Cinema4D, rotoscoping the body back on top of the 3D pass. And removing shadows from 3d render.
  • Regenerate: Final Minor Project 00:17 – 00:23 In this shot I was responsible for filming the plate. Cleaning up the plates in after effects and Nuke. Keying with keylight within Nuke. Creating the motion graphics for the news banner, Talent rotoscoped back on top. Tracking in the asset built within After Effects and colour correcting & grading in DaVinci resolve. Sound syncing audio using Premier pro.
  • University Project: MUBI advertisement 00:24 – 00:31 Part of a three week group project to have us work with other class members we wouldn't usually work with. Tasked with coming up with an idea, filming and completing post for a live brief taken from and old DandAD awards. I was responsible for filming production and behind the scenes.
  • Lucky – The British Bulldog 00: 32 – 00:37 In this shot I was responsible for rotoscoping a bald patch frame by frame and colour correcting to match yellow passes on animal. All within after effects.