Courtney-Paige Purnell


Currently in my final year of studies on the BA(Hons) Visual Effects and motion graphics degree at the University of South Wales Cardiff campus. During my studies I have specialised in film editing and VFX supervision, and gathered a strong knowledge ff post-production and VFX practices within 2D and 3D space. I have a passion for all aspects of film making, and have hands on experience with pre-production as well as post-production. I came on this course not knowing what visual effects was, but soon into the course it became clear it was meant to be and I found my place as a young visual effects artist. The degree has taught me the pipeline of producing, directing and creating my own short pieces in which I have realised my passion for video editing. I have successfully completed projects which require both a solo effort and group work, taking the role of director/group leader. Majoring in 2D compositing and clean up generalising in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Nuke.