Charlotte O'Keefe


Hi, my name is Charlotte O'Keefe and I am a Junior Compositor / Roto Prep Artist.

Over my final year of university, I have found a love for photorealistic compositing. I enjoy the challenge of making different plates integrate as if filmed in the same lens by adding finalising effects such as chromatic aberration, lens distortion and matching grain. I have also always enjoyed fast-paced environments with the potential to learn new skills and techniques.

My journey into developing this passion has been through trying all different departments of the pipeline but just got more excited when it came to compositing. Everything in a shot could be amazing, but without compositing, these amazing elements would never hit the big screen.

Keying, Rotoscoping, Clean up and Projection Mapping are just some of the skills I have. Others include Matte Painting and Match Moving.

I am confident using software such as Nuke, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D and PF Track. I am also learning Shillioute in my spare time.

Here are my contact details: