Sam Chadwick


Striving to create the imaginary a reality, whether it be the fantastical landscape of an ancient land to the far flung edges of a galaxy far away.

Hey! I'm Sam Chadwick, a proud welsh student specializing in matte painting, concept art and environments in their final year of studying visual effects and motion graphics at the University of South Wales. I’m enthusiastic about the application of not only traditional 2D techniques but also technical skills for the creation of 3D environments and projection setups in the pursuit of achieving the clients vision.

To achieve these ends I am trained in fundamental software such as Nuke, Maya (Arnold) and Photoshop. I also have knowledge of Mari for texturing and Photoscan for photogrammetry.

You can find me on LinkedIn : You can view my Artstation : And you can join my swarm on the Hiive!