Mari Makarov


Film production | Directing | Editing | Cinematography | Soundsync | Colour Grading | Photography

I am an Estonian visual content creator with a background in post-production. Having a degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, allows me to have a good understanding of post-production whilst concentrating on cinematography, video editing, colour grading, keying, rotoscoping and text animation. I have exceptional skills in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Lightroom. I appreciate good workmanship and creating content. I am a team player, but also capable to work individually. I am committed, work well under pressure whilst keeping to deadlines and show a high level of organisational skills. My strengths lie in strong visual storytelling. I emphasise on a compelling narrative whilst maintaining a consistently high-quality output.

Coming from a music background, I have a strong sense of sound synchronisation editing. I have worked as a video editor for over 5 years, both contractual and freelance. I have been responsible for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to advertise different social media platforms. I have also been in charge of the communication between different departments and clients whilst helping to brainstorm ideas as well as making sure everything runs smoothly. I demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to guide team members to help them reach their full potential in order to create high-quality content as a team.

I have also developed a deep fascination with cinematography and photography and have created many personal projects which can be viewed on my website I am fascinated by people who raise awareness about important global issues and I want to tell their stories, in order to stimulate national and international debate.

I am always interested in developing my skill set and facing new intriguing challenges to be able to create content. I am happy to travel as I am passionate about discovering new places and meeting new interesting people.

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