DUNE - 3rd Year Minor

This video has been upscaled from 2K. Ensure 4K is enabled for the best visual clarity.

For our 3rd Year Minor Project, we were given free reign to make a project that would showcase our skills in our chosen field of work we'd want to enter. Knowing that I'd want to head into Storyboard Animatics/Motion Comics and hearing the news of an upcoming reboot to DUNE, I thought this'd be the perfect time to revisit my 1st Year Title Sequence an approach it from a new angle, with a better skillset and creative liberties.

Spent just under a month working on this nearly non-stop and submitted it a few weeks ago. Hopefully those that are interested will enjoy this updated, 2K version regardless of the remaining little faults it may have.

Special thanks to the following:

Richard Bowdidge: Art assistance and Feedback. Sam Chadwick: Photo Reference, Feedback and 'starring' as Paul. Yat Fung Karl Leung and Nicole Palucsis: For additional 'choir' vocals. Pol Esqude: Opening music.