Jack Hopkins


I am currently in my final year of studies on the BA(hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics degree at the University of South Wales Cardiff Campus. During my studies I have specialised in film editing and directing, with strong knowledge of post-production and VFX practices.

Before beginning my studies in VFX I have worked on many projects during my 3 -year role with production company Burning Chariot, utilising software such as Adobe Creative Suite Premiere Pro, After Effects and other software such as Da-Vinci Resolve. At Burning Chariot I have worked on music videos, documentaries and branding promotion on a variety of positions including camera operator and online editor. I have shown to be successful at hitting deadlines with the highest level of communication between clients and other team members.

Over the past 3 years, on my degree, I have successfully completed projects which required both a solo effort and group work, taking the role of director/group leader. On these projects I have been overlooking the entire post-production workflow and ensuring that each team member is on the right track in completing their tasks. More recent commercial production experiences have involved running for local production company Gingenious, handling cameras and lights on set and capturing/digitising footage on location.

As I am graduating from my studies in the coming months, I am looking for a role that enables me to continue from past experiences and further developing my existing skills as well as learning new ones.