Dead Light

What if humans became source for light?

As my one of the last university project, I chose to create something based on what I am interested in and what I truly love. Even though, time I had for creating this piece was cut by some issues during rendering of my previous idea (artdeco cgi environment), I haven't done all scenes I wanted, but even that, I am happy with the final piece. My first ever experience with fully 3D Matte Painting, composited with 2D backgrounds and sky. Main highlight of this project is tool I used for it, Kitbash 3D which I thank to Maxx Burman and Banks Bountte, because this makes Matte Painter's lifes much easier and I personally feel I moved to another stage even without being perfect modeler, texture or UV artist.

I ensured myself how much I love working with empty canvas and how exciting it is come up with something what doesn't exist.

I cannot wait to start working on my final major project for University of South Wales, which is going to be my first ever proper short VFX film full of cool environment, people and designers involved.