Submarine - Title Sequence

I created this title sequence for the welsh movie Submarine as a part of my university brief. I got my inspiration from the movie itself; its peaceful pace and the romantic story between two teenager protagonists. The playful colours refer to their age, their "innocence" and the joy they go through, the setting by the sea is a straight forward reference to the movie, as most of the big scenes of the young couple takes place on the coast. I approached this project with a mixture of traditional and digital techniques; I wanted to add something organic to the visuals, for which I chose watercolours and created loads of different colour splatters. Those were then taken to Photoshop where, by using masks, the silhouettes were cut out from them. The backgrounds are also watercolour painted. On top of that, I overlayed a paper texture which enhances the traditional element of the visuals. Later on I also manipulated the font to give it a similar watercolour splash feel that the silhouettes have. I animated the scene in After Effects by using layers and camera movements to give it just a subtle movement. My work on this project includes concept developemnt, artwork, graphic design, motion graphics and final editing.