Pan's Labyrinth - Title Sequence

This is my final university project, title sequence for the movie Pan's Labyrinth. This title sequence uses the mixture of digital and traditional art; my original ink illustrations (later colored in digitally) portraing the characters and enviroment as seen through the eyes of the movie's main character, Ofelia. I was very excited to be working on this piece and being able to bring my passions - traditional art, digital art and animation - together. I decided to go very stylized for this piece as I took a lot of my inspiration from kid's books illustrations (and also enhance the fact that Ofelia is still a child who loves to read fairytales). Later on the illustrations were animated in After Effects using the 2.5D animation, which I found to be the most appropriate for animating traditional art. Because this technique requieres layering the illustation in order to create the depth in 3D space, every single element in the scene which I planned to animate was drawn individually. The typography was also manipulated and designed to enhance the whole title sequence. Each element is drawn separately on a big format paper with ink, then scanned and placed into photoshop, where the composition is made and depth is added via shading and layering the objects.