Only Lovers Left Alive - Title Sequence

This is a title seqeunce for the movie Only Lovers Left Alive which I created as a part of my university course. The concept behind this title sequence is to portray the movie's characters through showing their personal belongings. For that reason I decided to create a set that would look similar like the main character's room - that consisted of putting up wallpaper and getting a mixture of antique and modern objects that represent each character. I also researched the movie's colour scheme in which the whole scene is set. The scene was also lit mostly with candle light to portray the atmosphere of the movie and therefore set the viewer's mood. The typography was also specificaly designed for this project in Photoshop - I wanted to create typography that would resemble both ancient and modern; old and new (as the main protagonists are vampires who observe the world and society changing through the ages). My work on this project includes concept development, graphic design, filming, editing and colour grading.