Constantine - Title Sequence

I created this title sequence for the movie Constantine as one of my university projects. My aim was to portray the contrasts and conflicts within the main hero (antihero) Constantine through showing him both as a holy man but also as a sinner. I also decided to go with a very strong colour grading, making the green and red hues very prominent; as a reference to the movie's colour palette, but also as a reference to the thriller genre that often uses these two contrasting colours. Apart from the main character, the title sequence also focuses on many symbols used in the movie. The choice of music was to create another contrast - by using an upbeat sounding song to accompany the grim, grungy visuals. All together this title sequence should give the viewer a peak into the main character's life and introduce his personality, as well as create the mood for grungy, yet not completely dead serious (the upbeat music) movie. My work on this project includes concept development, filming, editing and colour grading.