Vigil - Huntu (Live Projection Mapping)

This is an extension of my Minor 3rd Year Project. In order to bring my visuals for this song (Vigil by Huntu) to life, the next obvious step was to actually project them live. I was able to work with an amazing team of people who helped both film and set up the piece.

You can see the 2d Mock Up Motion Design Version here:

And the behind the scenes version with an interview from myself on the project here:

The projection mapping was done using Millumin, a software that deals with live projection Mapping. I was able to simply import my visuals into the software, and use a 'corner pin' process to match the sequence to the stage.

Filming: Karl Leung, Angus Martin and Jessica Hayes Editing: Angus Martin Music Artist: Huntu (Sion Williams) Stand in DJ: Ryan Lewis Motion Graphics: Eryn Creed