Sound Synchronisation (Aphrodite- Bad Ass Cut)

For this 1st year brief, the aim was to choose a song and create a Sound Synchronisation response through either Motion Graphics or Visual Effects. I chose to work with motion graphics and respond to the song the song 'Bad Ass' by Aphrodite. As the song is around 7 minutes long and quite repetitive, I used Premiere Pro to cut and loop some sections of the song to make this 50 second version. I also used Premiere Pro to marker different sounds and beats in the song to aid the Sound Sync process.

The concept research for this project was heavily based around mandala designs and the way triangular points are used together to make a pattern, as well as 2D geometric shape patterns.This piece was created and designed entirely in After Effects. The 'Trim Paths' and wobble effects/expressions in After Effects were used throughout this video, as well as an attempt at metamorphosis of shapes, a method I would love to work with again in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this project and spending time matching visual elements to the song. The upbeat nature of the song always kept this project exciting to work on.