Big Brother Title Sequence

Year 2 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Final Major Project.

Big Brother is definitely my guilty pleasure. You cannot deny that every year they produce outstanding set visuals for live shows, as well as a perfectly themed title sequence for each season. Every year I get really excited about the promo being aired and seeing what the new theme and designs will be.

I created this title sequence is part of a promo pack created for 'Big Brother' with this series being based around a 'Circus' theme. Also included in this Media promo package was an Ident, A teaser/ promo for the notorious 'Big Brother Eye' design, as well as housemate tarot cards to be used as cut aways within the show.

Every aspect and asset was created and animated within After Effects. I also Combined my motion graphics with Live Action to create the iconic eye and mouth cut aways within the title sequence.

To view the Big Brother Eye promo, please visit