Bee Infographic 2016

For my year one Open Final Major Project, I knew from the start that I wanted to create an infographic. I have always been passionate about learning and I feel that infographics can be a great learning tool. Where I struggled, however, was deciding on a topic to choose. Thankfully though, in a eureka moment, it made sense to work on another subject I am passionate about: Bees.

Bees are invaluable to our world, so it's about time everyone had a quick and accessible way to learn about them and what we can do to help them.

I used illustrator to design all of my assets accordingly to be used for motion graphics in After Effects. Once Imported into After Effects i used a process that I had only once before touched upon to create this piece: Metamorphosis. For this process, I used path animation to morph one asset into another to continuously transition throughout the piece.

This is a piece that I am really proud of and has had a great response from friends, family, university as well as a primary school audience.