Eryn Creed


A Motion Graphics Artist currently completing the 3rd and final year of BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the University of South Wales. Aspiring to achieve a career in 2D Motion Graphics, demonstrating fluency in After Effects and Photoshop. Further skills include experience in Illustrator and Premiere and dealing directly with high profile clients, such as Superdrug and S4C. As well as working as an integral part of a professional pipeline, more recently for Jammy Custard Animation, and CDSM Solutions.

My Passions lay in Infographics, Sound Synchronisation, Projection Mapping and 2D Motion Tracking. Past projects have also included Title Sequences and TV Promos.

I am conscientious and pragmatic in my design process, skills which I have developed during my time at University and during work placements in the industry. My work is a clear reflection of my creative ability and also highlights my organisational skills. My aim is to continue working at a professional standard and continue to develop my skills.