Showreel 2018

Here I present my latest showreel featuring work on Compositing, Layout and Matchmoving areas of Visual Effects.

In order of appearance:

  • Pulsaciones (Ep. 6, Globomedia S.A productions Madrid). Rotoscopying.

  • Clockwork bug. Personal project for the VFX course at the University of Southwales for the Motion Tracking module. In collaboration with a 3D artist colleague, we created a CG bug and comped it with live action footage. I was in charge of texturing, rendering, filming, matchmoving and compositing (roto, clean-up, render passes comp). Done with Nuke, Autodesk Maya and PFTrack.

  • Choice. Group project for the VFX course at the University of Southwales. In charge of compositing (roto, cleanup, matte painting comp.)

  • Kyvos 05. Final project from the HND in Media Production (Games Design and 3D Animation) at CEV Madrid. A group project in which I worked with three more people in the creation of a videogame and a short film. I performed modeling, layout, animation (character and camera), compositing, rendering and editing tasks. Compositing of render passes (Diffuse, Ambient Occlusion, Glow, Specular, Reflections, Shadows, Zdepth). Kyvos 05 is an original idea. Done using Autodesk Maya and comped in Nuke.

Music: Salt by B.Miles