The Addams Family Advertisement - Third Year Minor Project

Title: The Addams Family Advertisement

Project/Brief: Third Year Minor Project

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015


A 'Now Showing' advertisement for The Addams Family movies.

Project Information:

This is the outcome of the first project of my third year BA Visual Effects and Motion Graphics 'Minor Project'.

For this particular brief I decided to create a promotional advertisement for Sky Greats to advertise the fact that The Addams Family Movies were being shown upon the channel combining all the skills I had learned about matte painting at that point in time with my illustrative motion graphics. However, unlike previous projects I decided to film a couple of shots in live action upon location so that a viewer could see the transition over time of The Addams Family from cartoon to live action motion pictures.

To create the matte paintings I researched closely into Gothic architecture and The Addams Family. I also took reference screen grabs of the Addams' House from the films and original television show so I could make them as accurate as possible. I then created within Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 separate matte paintings using accurate stock images. Some of the matte paintings were then tracked over live action footage in Adobe After Effects CC 2015.

Up until the live action, all of the characters upon the screen are rotoscoped illustrative motion graphics. They have a dark - grey colour palette to pay homage to the original Charles Addams cartoons.

The live action shots were filmed upon location in a garden and in front of a green house.

As a final stage in the production process, I then composited the matte paintings and the illustrative motion graphics in Adobe After Effects CC 2015. I also added ambience effects, such as flickering lights and fire to bring the shots to life.

Music: Addams Family Official Soundtrack (1991) 1. Deck The Halls/Main Title