ITV Tutankhamun Advertisement - Second Year Advanced Compositing Project

Title: ITV Tutankhamun Advertisement

Project/Brief: Advanced Compositing

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Foundry's NukeX 10 Non-Commercial, Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015


An 'Now Showing' advertisement for ITV's Tutankhamun programme. An archaeologist working in the Valley of the King's discovers the unopened tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

Project Information:

This is the outcome of my second year BA Visual Effects and Motion Graphics 'Advanced Compositing Project'.

For this specific brief I decided to create a promotional advertisement piece for ITV's 2016 drama programme Tutankhamun. I have always been an admirer of ancient history and this project allowed me to bring together ancient history, motion graphics and matte painting. Alongside, compositing and being able to once again use the new green screen studio to obtain the required green-screen plates to fulfil the project brief.

To create the matte paintings I researched closely into The Valley of the King's and the real tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. I also took reference screen grabs of the tomb from the actual television show itself. This was so that I could ensure that the matte paintings were as accurate to the real places as I could make them but also stayed accurate to the show itself. After I had completed my research I then created within Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 separate matte paintings using accurate stock images.

I then worked collaboratively in the new green-screen studio to film my required plates, where I was director and lead actor. Using, my shot list and lighting diagrams as an assistance during filming.

As a final stage in the production process, I then composited the matte paintings and the green screen plates in Foundry's NukeX 10 Non-Commercial where I was able to enhance my keying skills having used a new software and structure my workflow using scripts. I added ambience effects, such as dust and a heatwave alongside brazier lights.

The titles seen at the end of the piece were created and animated in Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and the piece was finally edited together with an appropriate audio track in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 before being finally exported.

Music: Tutankhamun - Tomb Discovery: Music by Christian Henson

Many thanks to Liam Riby for helping my film and do the lighting in the new green-screen studio.