Choice is a short film inspired by the Matrix. A man is offered the choice of time travel to the past or the future but can only pick one.

This was a collaborative project with a team of 7 for university with a time span of two weeks from conception to completion.

This two week group project was to have us work with other class members we wouldn't usually work with. Tasked with coming up with an idea, filming and completing post within two weeks to be reviewed by Andrew Whitehurst.

I was responsible for filming the plates. Composting a large amount of shots using a combination of Luma keying and rotoscoping to separate talent from the windows but keeping detail around window frames, keeping shadows and reflection from glasses and compositing in matte paintings and colour correcting and grading. All within Nuke.

Shot on Sony A7s MK I

Director: Jack Hopkins Cinematographer: Angus Martin Editor: Faris Khalil Grade: Jack Hopkins/Faris Khalil/Angus Martin Sound Design: Faris Khalil Matte Painter: Irena Smitakova Compositors: Claudia Diaz/Angus Martin Roto/Prep: Sophie Woodman/Claudia Diaz/Angus Martin Motion Graphic & Titles: Jake Bowdidge