Baby & Diamond

Third year minor project.

This short film is for my first project for my third and final year of university. It is a short based in the world of Baby Driver, following the events of the feature film.

During Baby's incarceration Deborah, using the acronym Diamond, turns to the life of crime for a sense of purpose. After 5 years of his sentence Baby makes parol. Baby and Diamond flee the United States. As fugitives they use their knowledge of crime to survive, but this quickly catches up to them as a deal gone wrong leaves them on the run from a ruthless mob boss.

This project was set out with the aim of being very cinematic so I could enhance my camera and story telling skills. I also wanted to practice compositing into live action plates as before now i'd primarily used green screen for my projects. This was defiantly the biggest project I have attempted so far and learned a lot from doing so, from planning, filming & framing, sound and preparation. I also approached this by knowing what kind of visual effects I would have, e.g. some clean, some blood, some muzzle flashes, but not planning these out in advance from a VFX perspective so that I could practice being handed a shot that needs work and completing it so better myself for real world environments.