Angus Martin



Currently a student studying Film and Visual Effects at the University of South Wales. I am experienced in Foundry's Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop. I have a passion for all things creative, focusing on production & post production. Primarily image acquisition, compositing, colouring and editing.

I have gained hands on cinematography and lighting experience, including green/blue screen capturing, both in the studio and on location, due to all of my projects spanning the production process, from concept and pre production, all the way through production to post production. I am well versed in the not only the post production pipeline, but the over all production pipeline as well.

My experiences at university have helped me to improve my filmmaking and pre/post production skills to a professional standard. I believe you never stop learning and I am always seeking to learn new skills and improve myself. My aim is to work in the VFX industry.

Primary Skillset -

Production: Cinematography / Focus Pulling / Gaffer.

Post Production: 2D Compositing / Green/Blue Screen Keying / Matte Extraction / Roto/Prep / Clean up / Editing / Colour Matching / Colour Grading /