Stephanie Daly Showreel - May 2017

My DMP reel for 2017. All of these projects were completed for briefs at University of South Wales. ~ Shot 001 - (00:02 – 00:21) - Completed as part of a match-moving brief, I shot the footage on canon 5D in Cardiff city centre, I tracked the footage using PF track and created the extension / matte painting in Photoshop. I Projection mapped it in Nuke using the model builder node to trace the basic geometry of the scene. ~Shot 002 - (00:22 - 00:39) - This shot was for my final major project in second year. I filmed the plate in Snowdonia, North Wales, with the help of my tutors, We used a Phantom 3 drone with a go pro attached. I created the matte painting using Maya, Nuke and Photoshop. I projected the matte painting onto geometry built in Maya using Nuke. ~Shot 003 - (00:40 - 00:56) - The greenscreen footage was shot in our new studio with the help of my classmate . The footage was shot using the sony a700. The matte painting was painted in Photoshop, I built the geometry in Maya and projected the matte painting using nuke.