Neon 2080

I created this video for a tracking project for the University of South Wales - VFX and Motion Graphics. I started this project by shooting my footage in Chippy Alley in Cardiff. I then took a still from the sequence and created a matte painting, which is all the Asian styled neon signs and buildings. You can see this at 19 seconds in. I then tracked the footage and solved the camera using PFTrack. I imported my tracking data into Nuke and created extra geometry using the model builder node. I then projected my footage onto my models and composited the footage with nuke. For the cyborg, I tracked that footage in Nuke and used some elements i created in photoshop and animated in after effects. AUDIO: LAZERHAWK : ACTIVATION. No copyright infringement intended. This is a university project and no profits are being made. You can see all my inspiration and development on my blog here -