Compositing Project (Shot 006 + Shot 011)

For this assignment, I was required to successfully composite two shots, chosen from a variety. Each shot had a brief accompanying it and the final composition had to be in Nuke.

Shot 006: I had to create foreground and background elements (city in the distance and foreground elements on the beach). Initially, in Nuke, I rotoscoped around the actress and part of the original footage I wanted to retain. I then began creating my matte painting for the background, comprised of royalty free stock images of buildings, earth (base of city), mountains, cloudy sky's and planets. The raw images had to be manipulated in Photoshop and then imported into Nuke. They had to be colour graded to mimic the original shot, and then composited together as the final backplate (involved blurring and adding subtle animated glow effect to the central piece of the city). The crashed space pod on the beach was modelled in Cinema4D and then textures were overlayed in Photoshop ready to import into Nuke. The space ships (free assets) in the distance flying over the city were modelled in Maya and comped onto a green screen, where they could then be keyed and imported into the Nuke composition. The foreground elements such as the fires and smoke (free green screen assets) were keyed, rotoscoped and contact lighting was added. The added machinery on the debris was created from images that were manipulated in Photoshop and then imported into After Effects, to add a glow and sparks effect. Lastly, everything was tracked to the camera movement and colour graded in Nuke.

Shot 011: I had to make the actress into a believable looking hologram. I created this piece by initially rotoscoping the actress (pulling her from the original footage) and backplate (retaining a still frame and painting out her entrance). I also colour graded her and then added a glow and glint effect (All of which done in Nuke). I then added particle elements, glitches and contact light (for the back wall), that would be layered on top and behind the actress. These elements were created in After Effects and then put back into Nuke for tracking and the finished composition.

Music: Celldweller - Unshakeable