Third Year Final Major Project 2017 - Title Sequance - The Imitation Game

Here is my final outcome for my own interpretation of a Title Sequence for the film "The Imitation Game" (2014). To create this video I used multiple pieces of software (mainly in the Adobe Suite), tutorials and free stock footage to help create the final product. The main piece of equipment I've used for this project is the use of an overhead projecter and assitate slides to give the final result more of that pre technical look which I feel accomidates what the actual film is about.

I'd like to thank Llandover Hall for the incredible generosity for letting me use there overhead projector for the time that I required it for my filming.

Software used: 1: Adobe Photoshop 2: Adobe After Effects 3: Adobe Premiere

Equipment Used 1: Canon C300 2: Canon 24x70 mm lens 3: NOBO Quantum Overhead Projector 4: Hazer/Smoke Machine

No copyright is intended for the final piece

If u would like to see the process of its construction click the link below:

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