Advanced Compositing - Shot_015 VFX Breakdown

Here is the final result for the Advanced Compositing project for my second year. Were given 20 shots and we were told to pick 2 final ideas for the shots and copy a brief attached. here I the brief for Shot_015 Brief: This shot is intended to portray the talent, alone and sad following the loss of his friend and her time machine, in the high-end facility we see in Shot_002 and Shot_003. An appropriate background needs to be created - perhaps a clean, clinical laboratory environment, or a futuristic city seen through a window behind him. Obviously, a good key needs to be achieved - considering his hair and the texture of his jumper, which need to be retained well - and a track to compensate for the camera movement needs to be pulled from the tracker mark. Software and Equipment Used: 1: Nuke 2: Sony Handy cam 3: Canon DSLR 4: Adobe Photoshop If you want to see the process on how it was created link is Below. Link: