Advanced Compositing - Shot_007 VFX Breakdown

Here is the final result for the Advanced Compositing project for my second year. Were given 20 shots and we were told to pick 2 final ideas for the shots and copy a brief attached. here I the brief for Shot_007 Brief: One of six matte painting shots This is set in an industrial part of a futuristic city, but has been neglected and is run down. It is dark, nighttime, dingy and dangerous. Think rusting pipes, warehouses and factories, plumes of smoke. At the moment, the shot looks a little flat. I’d like for the metal structure on the left to be kept please, but otherwise some work needs to be done to lend some perspective, as though we are looking down a long dark alleyway in this horrible industrial built-up area. Sky is visible here, so adding some planets visible in the night-time sky may help to lend to the idea that humans are now capable of travelling between worlds. Flying spaceships or vehicles may also help lend to this environment. Software and Equipment Used: 1: Nuke 2: Sony Handy cam 3: Canon DSLR 4: Adobe Photoshop 5: Maya 3D If you want to see the process on how it was created link is Below. Link: