Crowd simulation (30 day Golaem trial)

This is my showreel for crowd simulation, I used Golaem's 30 day trail and rendered using mental ray.

Shot 1: Shot on a Cannon 5D as a test to see what it was like putting crowd on some live action footage

Shot 2: With this shot I wanted to use the weight distribution so they weren't all doing the same action at the same time

Shot 3: I wanted to create some sort of event going on and people coming from all over to investigate what is going on

Shot 4: This shot I wanted to test my skills using NavMeshes and VectorField creating path for different entityTypes

Shot 5: Again like shot 3 I wanted to test and see the results of people approaching a crowd (This is a different shot to shot 3)

Shot 6: With this shot the main inspiration from this was the film 300 with the scene and the solders in a tight corner. But I wanted to see about compositing another crowdfield into my scene through keying