Sam Aylward


I am a Visual Effects Artist from South Wales. Here’s a little bit about me:

I was raised in the valleys, but I grew up in the city. At university I studied Visual Effects and Motion Graphics in Cardiff. Outside of university, I am a passionate and shameless fanboy.

I’ve always been incredibly passionate for TV and cinema since a lifelong love was formed at a young age when I was exposed to a mysterious little black box sat on the shelf. That little black box was none other than the 1977 classic Star Wars; courtesy of my nerdy mother. From then on, there was no going back. As I grew, equally did my love for sci-fi and equally; my understanding of VFX. By watching every available bit of movie bonus features that I could get my hands on, I formed an understanding of what techniques were used to create these effects I’d grown up with. Not knowing the official terms; such as rotoscoping, keying etc., I still understood that there was a process of; for example -going through frame-by-frame manipulating footage, or using a green background to put an actor in a different environment. I just didn't know how to personally achieve the magic. I fell in love with the idea of being able to create my own visual effects and when I was choosing my GCSE’s at high school. I focused all my subject choices to set myself on the path for Visual Effects.

Six years later, I am graduating from the University Of South Wales. Now I not only know the terms such as compositing, keying and rotoscoping, I am skilled and experienced with them. I understand how to make a Time Lord regenerate and can say I have fulfilled a fantasy by making myself fly The Tardis, walk out onto an alien planet and also regenerate.

My name is Sam Aylward, not only do I create Visual Effects, I have fun doing it