Who are the Wickerbottoms?

A University Project for the purpose of finding a competition and following its brief. I chose a competition to enter into, called the Reed.co.uk/film. It was based on 'The Question' and to have a short piece no longer than 3 minutes. So I went ahead and visited a summer project I did for myself. Link here - I wanted to create it into a real-life piece. SO I DONE DID THAT! I really wanted to keep to the aesthetic of traditional mixed with real-life. So I collaborated with some 2nd year Stop motion. Camera used: Canon 5D Programmes used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya. Actor, Visual Effects, Concept: Jordanne Richards Camera Operator: Jill Allden Fabrcation: Nicole Brookes, Sophie Lewis, Nicole Bilbie, Bailie Lovell, Sarah Trigg Stop motion Animation: Nicole Brookes, Nicole Bilbie, Sarah Trigg. Voice over: Abraham Fihema Costume: Hatty Derbyshire All Music & Sound effects are Public Domain.