Taylor Dempsey-Woolner


My name is Taylor Dempsey-Woolner and I'm a VFX artist and film maker from London.

I have always been interested in films since I was a kid and remember staring at the spectacles on screen in things like Die Hard, Volcano, Armageddon (don't ask why I was watching these as a kid) and thinking to myself, I would love to make that!

I draw a huge influence from the gaming industry, believing that gaming story-telling is becoming more cinematic yet more detailed due to the sheer length of the game play available.

I try to place cinematic film-making and gaming influences into my work as they're both important passions of mine.

It is my ambition to eventually be able to create a strong film/game platform cross-over that people of all sub-cultures will be able to enjoy for one reason or another.