Alesja Surubkina


Hello, my name is Alesja Surubkina. I'm a Visual Effects artist and compositor, but experimentation was always one of my main mottos so you'll be able to find a variety of styles and works in my portfolio, including some Motion Graphics.

Since a young age, I saw movies as something amazing and surreal, as something unreachable. However, the older I got the closer I was getting to the truth behind the magic of movies. My first editing software ever was Movie Maker, a software that solidified my future. I found editing extremely engaging and gradually started to learn new softwares and techniques. However, it was not until I came to the UK that I discovered a Visual Effects course that opened a door to the film industry for me.

My plans for the future are to keep improving, experimenting, learning and eventually work on big movies like Avengers and Harry Potter. I strive to create something mesmerizing and memorable and to create a piece of work that will stay in people's hearts for the longest of times.