Kieran Galaska


To create a Kieran Galaska, you will require the following percentages: 20% Video Games, 20% Coffee, 50% Creativity and 10% of comedy (or at least an attempt of).

After studying and creating motion graphic pieces for 3 years and working with media in general for 5, Kieran has culminated a style and feel for his work that merges his love for video games, comedy (be it black or milky with 2 sugars) and a love for the peculiar and sometimes even the apocalypse (creepy, am I right?).

As well as working with Motion Graphics, Kieran also is an accredited editor with an FCP7 101 Accreditation and also creates vlogs on his youtube channel BeardBurrito.

Kieran also seems to have a thing for talking about himself in the third person, odd really.