Jay Murray


If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?

Bret McKenzie, (Flight of the Conchords, Lord of the Rings) he's got the beard and the right sort of frame and he's a really funny guy, so I think he'd find the role quite natural. Or, Gary Oldman, he could act a sock and it would be the best rendition of a sock you've ever seen.

What would the plot be?

After pursuing a passion for music, supported by a career in retail management, our hero ends up working an unsatisfying bank job when he realises that he enjoys graphic design. We follow his individual struggle to leave his previous life behind, instead choosing to spend several hours a day travelling by train to get to University. A coincidental film release schedule brings 2 movies to his attention that completely change his outlook of what visual effects are and can be.

I think a sequel would be unlikely.

Well then you'd never find out about the work experience that got him his first film credit, or...

As I said, unlikely. So, if you could have any job, what would it be?

Ice cream tester. I would be part of a team working to create the best possible ice cream flavours using my tastebuds and imagination. Of course there's nothing quite like a Cornetto though. After being handed a waffle cone filled with a tiny amount of chocolate and potential I'd want to help create the finishing touch necessary to complete the

delicious treat.

Did you just use ice cream as a metaphor for visual effects?

Next question please.

How would you go about getting a job as an ice cream tester then?

Well, I'd work really hard to learn as much as I can about the frozen dessert industry and the history of ice cream making. Then I'd have a go at making my own ice cream flavours and try to come up with something original or at least exciting. Some flavours might work better than others, but striving for quality would show my love of ice cream and the understanding that true mastery of the craft takes years of experimentation.

Sticking with that metaphor then?

Ice cream is exactly like visual effects, that's why they sell it at the cinema. Ice cream makes everything better.