Perry Sollis


My name is Perry Sollis, I'm a Visual effects and Motion Graphics designer/artist from Wales (UK). I have always been obsessed with the moving image, From making my own home made monster movies as a child or filming parasitic clay experiments. I have always loved playing with the film and video platform. The Immediate nature of digital film is very gratifying for me, My dreams, thoughts and feelings can be rapidly extended into reality and I can manipulate the kinetic living embodiment of my imagination on screen. What excites me about film today is almost anything is possible with the right technical skill and software.

Animation has always been a medium close to my heart, breathing life into mundane objects or manipulating material to serve a purpose has always struck a chord with my brain. When I was Younger I would often manipulate the environment around me in my head and re-serve it to myself as a more interesting and bizarre reality. A chip shop would become a killer's hideout, a mountain would be the grave of a dead giant or a car would hover if I closed my eyes. By combining my early animation experiments with the digital video platform I have been able to recreate the escapist journeys of my youth and have been able to bend reality to my will. TALK ABOUT MAGIC!.

The long and short of it is.. , I love using this medium to communicate, tell stories and experiment with. If its working with people to realize a creative vision or breaking down a technical illusion to its core elements, I eat digital motion!, VFX is my brain food.