Paul Thomas


I can always remember when I was younger watching films like Jurassic Park , The Matrix ,Star Wars and wondered how they were created. From then I knew that this is what I wanted to do as a Career, Creating stunning visual work for other people to visually enjoy.

By taking this VFX & Motion Design course it has given me the knowledge to do many things in the Tv/Film Industry. Things like setting up a Green Screen studio with simple or more complex lighting scenarios, Lighting subjects in various locations with limited lighting conditions and resources. Setting up camera's like sony z7s and Cannon 5D's.

I have learnt a lot of techniques like rotoscoping, tracking, colour matching and colour grading. And also learnt some basic knowledge of 3D including modelling, texturing, Lighting and Rendering.

By completing this course it has given me the first step I need to pursue my career with the Visual Effects Industry.

I am looking forward to start and take in everything I can from the Industry.

I would like to become a Jr Compositor working on Tv/Film, I want to be a compositor because I enjoy taking all the elements that other artist create and composite and match them together to produce a final shot. And after times gone by and I Improve my knowledge in Composting I would like to work my way up to become a Visual Effects Supervisor leading a team of compositors and guiding them in the right direction on Visual Effects shots.

Thank you in taking your time to watch my work, Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have creating it.

Paul Thomas