Nick Richards


Hi, I'm Nick Richards, an enthusiastic film maker and active member of Cardiff's skateboard community. I first picked up a camera nearly a decade ago after breaking my arm, so I would have something to do when I wasn't skating. This led to an obsession with all things media based, trying my hand at building websites and making skateboard films. I would always try new angles and styles of filming, seen in skateboard videos that inspired me to come up with my own 'style'.

I had my first dvd release 'Hologram' in 2008 that premiered several venues and sold all around the UK and was a huge personal success. This led to my involvement with Crayon Skateboards as film maker and web designer. The videos I have produced for Crayon have been very popular and have been reposted all around the world on various prestigious skateboarding websites.

More recently I have been freelancing for Cardiff's Buffalo Bar as their in-house events filmer and also for capturing various skateboard events.

My latest project took an entirely new route, collaborating with 3d animators to create an alien invasion battle scene. I took the role of DOP and compositor, which meant devising each shot carefully and operating the cameras on set. I am very proud to say that I worked on this project with very talented and capable people and that the end result far surpassed our expectations. Working on said project has also helped me refine my skills in compositing, 3d and planar tracking and keying.

In future I wish to travel all over the globe as I enjoy the challenge of losing myself in unfamiliar territory, finding my bearings and seeing what's around the next corner. I hope that teamed up with my camera, I won't be poor doing so.

I am also proficient in nearly the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Boujou, Final Cut Pro and currently teaching myself Realflow liquid simulation.