Jonny Williams


My many passions lie in film, music and design. My biggest passion though is movies, and I would eventually like to work within the film and TV industry, as my passion for film is clearly evident within my work.

I have a wide understanding of different digital software's including the Adobe design packages, such as After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. As well as this, I can use Final Cut Pro, Boujou, Maya and am currently developing new skills in the ever increasing and popular package Nuke. I have developed my skills in composition and rotoscoping. I work well and meet both short and long deadlines with the highest possible quality. I believe myself to be very friendly and easy to work with. One of my latest achievements in which I was very proud and excited about was being nominated for a Ffresh Award in which my title sequence, titled 'Repo Men' has been nominated in the Motion design category.