Carys Banks


There is always a very interesting face that glares back at me when I'm asked the "what do you do" question. Constructing dream worlds and realising creative visions is not your average day job. I've been making things since I was a child, it just so happens that I've been lucky enough to carry this tradition on into my life and work. I always try and tackle my projects with the same open eyed enthusiasm as I did in my childhood. The world is a very interesting and fantastical place and I'm never dry of inspiration when I take in its constant wonders and surprises.

I always try to put a little bit of myself in my work, It's very important to me that I surround myself with a project to get the most out of them. I always make a habit of constructing set pieces, models or strange objects or creatures. Doing these things always brings me closer to my childhood and gives me the freedom to explore the potentials of my imagination.